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May 7, 2009

Reality Imitating Art

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The original (art):

Imitation no. 1 (reality):

Imitation no.2 (reality):

I’d say it’s a win actually 🙂


April 13, 2007

Future of books: Objets d’art

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Cara Barer, a photographer, shows us what the future might hold for paper books.

She crumples them, soaks them in the bath tub, and photographs them in interesting positions.

The following quote is quite telling:

“In my parent’s mind, a set of encyclopedias was mandatory for a good education, and shameful not to provide it, and a trip to the library was the only way to research a paper. Now, however, that same sort of emphasis is placed on owning a computer, and connecting to the internet. A student’s research now can be done without ever leaving their desk. I have fully embraced that technology, and would not want to be without it, but, I also fear that it is slowly leading us to rely less and less on the reference books common in the last two centuries. “

October 29, 2006

It’s all in Your Head

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People see in art what their mind wants to see. I always saw Van Gogh’s restless starry night as an example of the artist’s misery and craziness. For this guy it speaks of god.

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