Philosophical Musings

February 17, 2006

Hello world!

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I’ve been thinking about starting a blog with my amusing philosophical musings for a while now, but in the last couple of days several things happened that made me finally get up and do it. First, yesterday my boss told me that it’s time I published the stuff I blurt out on occasion while discussing whatnot with my co-workers. Second, I read J.S. Mill’s On Liberty today, and all the arguments on the importance of constant discussion of opinions made me feel I need to make mine heard. Third, my wife just threw me out of the living room where I was reading because she wanted to watch a movie. Finding it hard to read outside the cosy confines of my beloved sofa, I went to the study, sat at the desk and started writing.

The question that comes to mind now is whether anybody’s actually going to read my blog. I have no intention to actively promote it, so will I be able to stand out among all the clutter? That remains to be seen. However, to improve my chances I vow to make this as interesting as possible to the public, the latter comprising of intellectually minded individuals who like to read well-articulated dissenting opinions, by sticking with such, and avoiding the nitty-gritty of my personal daily life.

So, I’ll get going with a quote from Mill: “The fruits of conquest perish by the very completeness of the victory”.

Mill actually phrased that as a question, and answered it negatively. I disagree with Mill and agree with the epigram as I quoted it. Life is only meaningful so long as some battles remain to be fought. The fruits of conquest are of great value – as fodder for the next battle, and victory itself as incentive for the next challenge.


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