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February 27, 2009

Popping Polls

Filed under: business — Elad Kehat @ 3:17 pm

It’s not news that the news print business is in deep s*!t. Readers gone, newspapers shutting down and I guess the mood must be pretty lousy too. Not to worry says The Rosen Group, a PR shop specializing in print media according to this MedisPost article:

…the vast majority of U.S. consumers still deem print editions of newspapers and magazines to be “indispensable” sources of news and entertainment.

83% consider daily newspapers to still be relevant.

These facts are based on the findings of a national poll. No word on how many of these consumers actually spend money on such relevant and indispensable items. They did note that:

When asked if newspapers and magazines will exist in 10 years, nearly half of those surveyed (45%) said yes…

Looks like they tried to give this a positive spin – nearly half think that print will exist in 10 year! Wow! Let’s focus on the flip side though – over half of respondents think that print will be gone within the next decade.

Now, if you ever look for an example of someone burying their head in the sand, there you have it. Money talks, as they say, and if consumers really thought that print is indispensable, then Denver’s 150-year-old Rocky Mountain News wouldn’t have folded today, as that article reports, and the NY Times wouldn’t be teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.

Looks like the ailing industry is popping polls now, as a way to feel a little better. Kind of like taking aspirin for cancer.


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