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December 19, 2006

Last week I got me a Sony Reader!

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One evening with it made it clear that it is a potential relationship killer, so the next day I got another one. Since my wife and I both have immediately begun in the process of ditching our antiquated paper books in favor of the immense wealth of digital content (which I diligently collected beforehand), only one device for the household would have meant constant fights over who gets to read…

In short, this is an instant success. I already read a few hundred pages on it, in different places and lighting conditions (train, airplane, couch, bed), and the screen is indeed the equivalent of paper in terms of ease on your eyes. Then there are all the added benefits – smaller and lighter than most books so it’s easier to hold, less bulky so it fits perfectly in a small bag or a woman’s purse, you can’t lose the page accidentally, you can save any number of bookmarks per book, hold many books on it at the same time and take them all with you anywhere…

Also, there’s no need to have a big piles of books on my nightstand any longer, and in the long run I’ll be able to clear a lot of shelf space from all those bulky antiques that I don’t need anymore. I said “in the long run” because right now I’m still emotionally attached to all my paper books. That’ll pass though. (more…)


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